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Our Technology

At Dalton, we use our LC-MS-based to one-shot multi-omics platform to profile proteins, lipids, electrolytes, metabolites, drugs, and environmental chemicals in a single sample.


How We Are Different


Traditional multiomics requires the integration of analytical results from multiple laboratories and technologies, introducing more cost and complexity to the process. Multi Omic studies are often ad hoc.

Dalton uses a proprietary one-shot assay to prepare and analyze all analytes with a single procedure, reducing cost and complexity, and maintaining data integrity.

Multiomics Using Omni-MS®


We use a combination of advanced enzymatic and chemical techniques at various steps of our process to enable the concurrent analysis of diverse analyte classes. For example, EDTA enables detection of metal-chelates, endolytic enzymes enable detection of oligomers, etc.

Example Study

Biomarker signatures in human plasma: examples in aging and inflammation

pasted image 0 (2).png

Using Omni-MS® we generated multi-omic data for plasma samples from small numbers of human donors. Here we briefly describe multi-omic association studies of chronological age (n = 170) and inflammation (n = 30) adjusting for technical covariates.

We find significant associations with numerous analytes that are distributed across the different biochemical classes including small molecules, lipids and proteins (Bonferroni p < 5x10-6; see Manhattan plots below). Importantly, we demonstrate this using small samples sizes demonstrating the high signal-to-noise of our assay.

Our Customers

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