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Biological systems are composed of a complex network of biochemical species that span multiple biochemical classes. Due to the chemical diversity, analytical methods generally only target specific types of molecules separately e.g. protein OR metabolites. This results in a loss of potentially valuable information.

Why Multiomic Analysis?

Why Omni-MS®?

Our Omni-MS® platform is a research tool to help researchers to understand the multiomic biochemistry of their biological systems. Using our LC-MS-bsed technology we are able to capture the most practically relevant classes of molecules including proteins, metabolites, lipids, drugs, medications, environmentally derived small molecules.


Biomarker discovery

Finding biomarkers in a different class of biochemicals are essential to discovering the best disease predictors available in blood plasma.

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Bioprocessing optimization

Elucidating the biochemicals regulating bioprocesses such as cell growth and product yield.


Food and product development

Finding biochemicals responsible for various product qualities.


Drug development

Characterizing the wide ranging effects of interventions in model systems.

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